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  • How many hours per day for crew to walk rail yard verifying tracks.

  • How many hours do you spend a day retrieving railcar history.

  • How many hours per day do you spend generating emails and reports.

  • How many hours per day do you spend managing your railcar inventory updating spreadsheets and whiteboards.

Railroad Software increases Data Accuracy, Productivity and Accuracy

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Railroad Software’s application is designed to be the most user friendly in the railroad industry.




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Railroad Software was founded with a single goal, "to make railyard management software available and affordable to every rail yard in the world regardless of their size or technical capabilities." We believe as you learn more about our product you will keep your rail terminal “on the right track".

RTMS Inventory

  • Quickly view railcars by status & type
  • Always live ageing report to support the management of Demurrage charges
  • Comments specific to current condition of railyard
  • Summary table by status and pool id, commodity, or destination
  • Drag & Drop multiple railcars to create switch requests
  • Color coded railcar status, type, and switch request
  • Quick locate railcars based on car status, type, number, or other fields
  • Quickly manage railcar specifics
  • Automatically updates the RailTab used by the switch crew
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  • RailroadSoftware
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RTMS Inspection

You can create unlimited inspection forms and assign specific inspections to individual users. Using our tablet based application allows the user to quickly locate a railcar and start inspecting. No more paper, no more going back for photos, and no more sorting through the daily inspection sheets. Automated Railcar inspections have never been more affordable or reliable.

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  • RailroadSoftware
  • RailroadSoftware
  • RailroadSoftware

EDI Message

  • EDI 404 – Rail Carrier Shipment Information
  • EDI 417 – Rail Carrier Waybill Interchange
  • EDI 418 – Rail Advance Interchange Consist
  • EDI 423 – Rail Industrial Switch List
  • Any other EDI message type is available

AEI Tag Reader

Railroad Software integrates seamlessly with most fixed AEI tag readers to ensure accurate and timely railcar movement data. Railroad Software can provide mobile AEI tag readers that interface with the mobile application for a powerful field tool.


Integration with existing applications that manage billing and overall facility performance is important for a smooth transition to a rail terminal management software application. Railroad Software has been successful at implementing many custom integration project to ensure seamless data flow for effective facility management.

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